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Laravel Get Last 7 Days Record

Hello Dev.

on this article, you may learn how to get last 7 days data in laravel the use of carbon. we are able to carbon for pick last 7 days records in laravel 5 eloquent query.

virtually, i love to proportion the entirety related to laravel. on every event i'm developing on my laravel utility, i be aware all of the small trouble that fetch and note solution so i'm able to write small web articles and someone can sole out his issue too.

currently, i was operating on my laravel 5.6 utility and i require to get remaining 30 days statistics from database table. i am working on laravel from long term so i realize i'm able to get last 30 days records from Carbon. So basically when you have additionally want to get last 7 days records then you can do it like as bellow technique.

Get Last 7 Days Data In Laravel

$date = \Carbon\Carbon::today()->subDays(30);
$users = User::where('created_at', '>=', $date)->get();


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