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PHP Convert String to Date/DateTime Example

Hello Dev.

The php offers some useful built-in functions to convert string to Date and DateTime. In this example, I’ll show you how to use strtotime(), and getDate() functions to achieve the desired results:

String to Date and DateTime Conversion using Strtotime() Example:

The strtotime() Syntax

The strtotime() in php function takes Time/Date and now (optional) parameter and returns the numerical value in seconds since Jan 1, 1970.


The getDate() Syntax

The getDate() is useful for retrieving date/time information based on the date and time values passed into the function:



    $time_var = strtotime("2017/02/30");
    $date_var = getDate($time_var);
    print_r ($date_var);

/* Result:
        [seconds] => 0
        [minutes] => 0
        [hours] => 0
        [mday] => 2
        [wday] => 4
        [mon] => 3
        [year] => 2017
        [yday] => 60
        [weekday] => Thursday
        [month] => March
        [0] => 1488412800

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