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ReactJS Google Column Chart

Hello Dev.

Today, I will learn you how to use the google chart column in react. We will show an example of a google column chart in react. you can easily use google column chart in react. We will install the react-google-charts package for react google column chart. I will explain step by step react google column chart example.

Now, I will give you a full example of a simple google column chart using react as below.

Install Package

In this step,I will install package react-google-charts for following command.

npm i react-google-charts


import React from 'react';
import Chart from "react-google-charts";
const data = [
  ["Element", "Density", { role: "style" }],
  ["Copper", 8.94, "#b87333"], // RGB value
  ["Silver", 10.49, "silver"], // English color name
  ["Gold", 19.3, "gold"],
  ["Platinum", 21.45, "color: #e5e4e2"] // CSS-style declaration
function App() {
  return (
    <div className="container">
        <h1>React Google Column Chart Example -</h1>
          loader={<div>Loading Chart</div>}
export default App;

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